All In One - Test Automation Solution
Bug Catcher


Bug Catcher solution enables an organization to perform touch less tests across various application types and interfaces. The framework has been highly integrated to test web applications, API, hybrid and native mobile applications and Mainframe front-end with least amount of code. It is one stop shop for all your test automation needs. The solution caters a full integrated capabilities covering test management, defect management, test reporting, test analytics, devops and test automation.

Test Automation

The test automation is the core of the complete solution, built and integrated with leading market tech stack. The core framework can test wide variety of application and interfaces as listed below.

  • Web Applications
  • Native and Hybrid Android and IOS applications.
  • API’s
  • Mainframe/Emulator based applications.

The core framework has been highly integrated with the various capabilities to form an artificially intelligent solution.

  • JIRA integration for defect management.
  • Automation Portal integration for test evidence management and test analytics.
  • BrowserStack for testing web and mobile apps on hundreds of devices.
  • Integration with collaboration tools like MSTeams and Slack


The devops part of the solution enables high performance bots to take control of automated test execution mimicking the end user environment. The continuous integration tool manages the bots based on predefined process guidelines.

Automation Portal

The test automation portal enables capabilities for everyone involved in the software development process. It provides features for different level of stakeholders to perform wide variety of tasks with few clicks.. read more at Automation Portal